Shy Bunny's Stockpile

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For a number of years, I was determined to take all of the pieces I found on a single beach walk and incorporate them into one photo. That would be my document to mark that particular day's experience. However, the lighter-colored items, especially the white ones, would often fade into the background since I shoot these photos on a plain white board. Through trial and error I started to separate them from everything else. I would toss those pieces into a container and then eventually, when there was enough stuff, put together a layout featuring only those objects. When I posted this one on Facebook, a couple of people referenced the bunny rabbit, who seems to be avoiding the spotlight of the camera. Ever since then, even with everything else happening on the page, my eye is drawn to that bunny.

Archival quality printing on a sturdy, lightweight, recycled aluminum panel. Aluminum prints are waterproof and resistant to scratches. Wooden rear mount with attached wire and hook for easy hanging. No framing necessary. Printed in the U.S.