Snake Farm

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I found this plastic toy snake on a northside beach many, many years ago, and I stored it away in a box filled with weather-worn, brown and beige pottery chips, most likely from bowls or plates. As time passed, I kept adding more of those chipped plate pieces to the box, and they appeared to form a camouflage around the snake. Eventually, I dumped the contents of the box onto my worktable and laid out this mosaic design that seems to envelope the snake, but not enough to prevent its escape. The title of this piece comes from one of my favorite outlaw country singers, Ray Wylie Hubbard, who sings his song "Snake Farm" at every performance.

Archival quality printing on a sturdy, lightweight, recycled aluminum panel. Aluminum prints are waterproof and resistant to scratches. Wooden rear mount with attached wire and hook for easy hanging. No framing necessary. Printed in the U.S.