Straight Circle

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Everything in this photo was found on an out-of-state beach during January and it was cold enough to need a warm hat, scarf and gloves for protection from the elements. There was no snow on the ground nor was there much colorful junk to be found, but parts of the beach were littered with driftwood. Like most people, I'm attracted by the curly, twisty pieces, but most of what I collected that day were small, straight pieces. On their own they might not be very dynamic, but with a strong centerpiece - like this badminton birdie - they served an admirable supporting role in the image. 

Archival quality printing on a sturdy, lightweight, recycled aluminum panel. Aluminum prints are waterproof and resistant to scratches. Wooden rear mount with attached wire and hook for easy hanging. No framing necessary. Printed in the U.S.