When Dogs Dream

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It's inevitable that some of my collections - of objects found on the beach - outgrow their containers, at which point I need to dump everything out on a table, sort through it, separate things and then find new vessels to hold them. This happened last year with bones. These particular pieces seemed to warrant their own photograph before putting them back into the storage space. My only plan, when laying them out, was to put the largest ones in the center and work my way out from there. It wasn't until I was finished - and looked at the photograph - that I could see some dimension, a shape like a sphere, and with that pitch black background it reminded me of a faraway planet in the night sky. I initially called it "Bone Planet" but after thinking about who it would appeal to the most, I changed it to "When Dogs Dream."

Archival quality printing on a sturdy, lightweight, recycled aluminum panel. Aluminum prints are waterproof and resistant to scratches. Wooden rear mount with attached wire and hook for easy hanging. No framing necessary. Printed in the U.S.